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Viopure Open Channel UV System

Viopure Open Channel UV Water Treatment

The Viopure Open Channel UV System is designed for municipal and industrial wastewater disinfection and treatment. Using ULTRATHERM™ 16,000-hour life UV lamps, arranged in multiple CFD optimised columns maximises the UV exposure to wastewater flow undergoing treatment.

The Viopure UV system is of stainless steel construction and customisable to suit almost any application. Because the banks of lamps are modular, this allows for different depth and width configurations within your open channel installation. The versatility of the UV system makes it ideal for replacing and retrofitting existing water treatment processes, such as old chlorination tanks. The open channel UV system is also available in an inclined configuration – this provides a variety of extra options for depth, making the Viopure Open Channel UV system an adaptable and scalable option for wastewater disinfection treatment.

For ease of maintenance all Open Channel UV disinfection systems feature a sealed top compartment which houses access for the UV lamps, quartz sleeves, wiper motor and sensors. This means in-situ maintenance causes as little disruption as possible, making procedures quick, easy and hygienic while the system remains in place in the open channel.

Automated wipers regularly clean the quartz sleeves and UV sensor to maintain a consistent level of disinfection and monitoring, featuring ULTRAWIPER™ technology, the bespoke brush heads maintain the efficiency of the lamps by cleaning the quartz sleeves to maximise the lamp UV-C output.

Product Features

  • Wastewater UV disinfection system with flood protection
  • Multiple configurations available due to modular construction
  • Suitable for almost any channel dimensions
  • 16,000-hour lamp lifetime, with CFD optimised lamp layout
  • Wiper system to maintain consistent treatment levels
  • High-grade electropolished stainless steel AISI 316L construction for increased efficiency (up to 30% energy saving)
  • Also available in wall-mounted configuration
  • Easy access and maintenance via the sealed top compartment
  • Control cabinet with live telemetry for UV fluence (dose), UVT, flow and power level readings
  • Optional flow control features including ultrasonic water level sensing, weir penstocks or sluice gates

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