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Domestic Drinking Water

Domestic Drinking Water

Experts in domestic water disinfection without chemicals. UV inactivates more than 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, mould spores, algae and yeast.

By the time the water we use reaches our homes, for most households, it will have been disinfected by the region’s water company, for our safe consumption. Not removing harmful microorganisms from drinking water causes people to fall ill.  Untreated water is particularly harmful to the very young, elderly or vulnerable.

If your water is supplied directly from a bore hole, well or spring, or you’re harvesting water or simply living off-grid you’ll need to consider methods of disinfection to keep you and your family safe.

Domestic Water UV Treatment Systems

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Saphir Systems

Ultraviolet (UV) light treatment does not require the use of any chemicals and is a simple, cost effective, safe and an environmentally friendly disinfection method that makes your water safe. In many cases it’s more effective than chemical alternatives. UV has been in use for over 100 years and is widely used for residential and industrial applications worldwide.


The key advantages of UV water disinfection are:

• Eliminates the need to buy, handle and store toxic chemicals
• No risk of ‘overdose’ with UV disinfection as is possible with chemical disinfection
• No risk of residual by-products in your water
• Easy to install into a current water supply
• Inexpensive to purchase and cost effective to run; a domestic UV water disinfection system uses less power than a regular light bulb
• No alteration of taste, odour or clarity of the water


The ultraviolet light that is used in our water treatment systems is a natural component of sunlight that falls just below the visible light region in light spectrum. The wavelength of UV light that we utilise for the use of water disinfection is 253.7nM. This is the best wavelength available for cell inactivation.

How does a UV water disinfection system work?

Untreated or source water passes through a chamber that contains the UV lamp. As the water goes through the chamber and passed the UV light, within seconds, the light inactivates the bacteria and microorganisms that are present in the water; making the water safe. You can find out more about it all here.

How to choose the best UV system for your needs?

Daro UV Systems has been designing and manufacturing its comprehensive range of UV water disinfection systems, from basic uPVC models to the latest stainless-steel product designs for over 40 years. All of our products meet European UV dose standards and are WRAS certified.

Where and how to fit your UV water disinfection system?

The UV water disinfection system is compact and easily fitted to your current water system, either on the incoming main, to the outlet of a header tank in your loft or under your kitchen sink.

Daro UV Systems

British manufacturer, Daro UV Systems has been designing, manufacturing and delivering ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems for over 40 years. Across the board, our market leading products have Water Regulation Advisory Service (WRAS) approval.

Products for UV disinfection in the home include

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