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About Us

For over 40 years we’ve been designing, manufacturing and successfully delivering UV systems for water and surface disinfection and hand hygiene education.

During this time, we have developed a name that is synonymous with agility and quality solutions.

Building on many decades of expertise, our vision is to be recognised as the most trusted, agile and responsive partner delivering water treatment, infection prevention and control solutions.

Being part of Daro Group, we benefit from the wider support of the Group’s central resources such as strategic planning, sales & marketing, financial management, leadership and on-going investment.

Our core value is simple. Our thinking and decisions are guided by the philosophy of you win, we win.

Daro UV, Our Vision

Building on many decades of expertise, our vision is to be recognised as the most trusted, agile and responsive partner delivering water treatment and UV solutions for infection prevention and control.

Daro UV, Our Mission

Investing in our valued resources, our mission is to provide the best of British design and manufacturing to deliver robust quality that is valued by our customers across all sectors.

Daro UV, Our Strategy

By integrating our combined skill, expertise and resources, our customers enjoy peace of mind as a result of our deep understanding of the critical nature of UV applications. This enables us to deliver solutions and services that stand the test of time.

Meet The Team

Kevin Thomson - Commercial Director

Kevin Thomson

Director of Water Solutions

Kevin joined in 2022 and brings over 30 years of experience in the water treatment and water hygiene industry. Kevin is responsible for leading the Water Solutions division comprising Daro UV Systems and Watersavers.

Daro UV Systems

Carl Bennett

Operations Manager

Carl joined the Group in 2019 and has a wealth of knowledge in product development, manufacturing processes and general business management. As operations manager he is responsible for Daro UV and Watersavers development of solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Daro UV Systems

Aiste Niuniavaite

Marketing Executive

Prior to joining Daro UV systems in 2024, Aiste worked within various sectors; including Finance, Real Estate and Events. Through her experience and education, she has profound skills in marketing, sales, journalism, and PR. Strong communication skills with a Joint Honours Degree of English Language Communication and Journalism, from University of Hertfordshire.

Susan - Daro UV Systems

Susan Roberts

Sales & Business Support

Suzie has a background in office administration, organisation and coordination. She joined Daro in 2008 and in that time, she has worked with all departments the group. Since 2019 Suzie’s role has evolved to providing dedicated finance and business support to UV Systems.

Daro UV Systems

Jason Fairless

Procurement Manager

Jason joined Daro in 2007. Previously working as the procurement manager for UV Systems and Wedeco UV Systems Plc. He brings 20 years’ purchasing experience to the group.

Daro UV Systems

Oliver Hearn

Design Engineer

Oli joined in 1998 and has experience of all areas of the company including UV technology, electrical wiring and software systems. Oli is instrumental in the development of all of the comapnies’ products and providing technical support to customers.

Richard Hardacre - Account Manager

Richard Hardacre

Account Manager

Richard joined the group in 2022 and has over a decade of customer support and sales experience, as well as individual account management. He is adept at building supply chain relationships in both directions.

Daro UV Systems

Joshua Mulley

Graduate Engineer

Joshua joined the team in 2022 after graduating from Oxford Brookes University with a master’s in Automotive Engineering. Applying engineering theory to practice, his role encompasses the development of product concepts through design, prototyping and production for the water companies within Daro Group. He also assists with in-house testing and procedures for the development of the new and existing water product portfolio.

Supported By

Mervyn Douglas - Daro UV Systems

Mervyn Douglas

Managing Director

Mervyn joined Daro in 2016 bringing 20 years’ experience in business and finance. His role is to lead the strategic direction of Daro, managing continuous investment in resources to enable people, businesses and the group to achieve their long-term objectives.

Sarah Pennock

Sarah Pennock

Group Finance

Sarah is Group finance director and a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA). Since joining Daro in 2004 Sarah’s role has continuously developed to now overseeing group finance and human resources.

Daro UV Systems

Paul Fox

Director of Manufacturing

Paul joined Daro in 2023 bringing extensive experience as an operations leader in various manufacturing businesses. Paul is responsible for leadership of the manufacturing operations and driving a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

Matt Pilgrim Profile

Matt Pilgrim


Matt joined Daro in 2021, bringing 19 years’ engineering experience and leads Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental standards across the Group. Matt is NEBOSH and IOSH qualified, ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 31000 trained as well as holding a Green Belt in Six Sigma.

Daro UV Systems

Becky Bishop


Becky joined Daro Group in 2022, bringing 16 years of accountancy experience with her. Becky’s primary role is overseeing the management accounts across the group. Her excellent organisational skills, methodical working processes and very approachable nature make her excellently suited to the role.

Rachel Miles - Daro UV Systems

Rachel Miles

Finance Assistant and
Business Support

Rachel joined Daro in 2017. In addition to making our customers, suppliers and visitors feel very welcome she assists with the accounts and works closely with all of the business divisions where needed.

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