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Validated and Certified UV Disinfection Solutions

Proud to be supporting UK municipal water companies

Ensuring a safe & clean water supply and protecting our waterways from the wastewater we generate is the essential work of our water companies in the UK. We understand water companies are facing a range of pressing and interlinked challenges:

  • Climate change
  • Environmental protection
  • Population growth
  • Risk of drought
  • Water resilience

Daro and Daro Aquafides alliance see it as our responsibility to work collaboratively and deliver a water supply system that is reliable, sustainable and affordable.

Daro-Aquafides series of validated UV reactors are designed for maximum performance and operational resilience. Our systems embrace the latest and very best technology to deliver new, compact, low energy, durable and reliable UV solutions that are easy and cost-effective to maintain; and include extended lamp-life warranties.

We understand the water industry is under pressure to make best use of available & developing technologies and may need to look to additional resources such as water reuse (UV-AOP/desalination) and winter storage, as just two examples.

Understanding these drivers and including UV technology as part of this resilience mapping, is key to water companies and their Water Resource Management Planning. UV is a cost-effective option to maintaining a safe supply of water and wastewater discharge.

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The Daro Aquafides Alliance

British UV manufacturer Daro UV, part of Daro Group, and international Austrian based Aquafides, in 2020 formed a strategic alliance to deliver certified ultraviolet disinfection solutions to the UK municipal and industrial water treatment markets.

As a result of a management buyout (MBO) Daro UV Systems was founded in 2007 and is now an integral part of Daro Group. For over 40 years the East Anglian based UV experts have been designing, manufacturing and successfully delivering UV disinfection systems nationwide. During this time, Daro UV has created a name that is synonymous with quality solutions.

Founded in 2008, the highly specialist team at Aquafides is made up exclusively of employees with decades of experience in water treatment and a comprehensive range of UV disinfection solutions. The company also manufacturers its own range of UV disinfection products that are compact, low energy, durable, reliable and easy to maintain.

The alliance’s mission is to provide collaborative consultation alongside certified UV solutions to support custodians of consumer health and the environment in their delivery of safe water; without the use of chemicals and production of harmful by-products.

The alliance reflects the dovetail fit of the strategies of both companies that focuses on quality, sustainability and flexibility for customers.

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More about Us

Daro UV, Our Vision

The vision is to be recognised as the most trusted, agile and responsive partner delivering water treatment solutions. The alliance facilitates access to the most compact and validated UV disinfection range from Aquafides.

Daro UV, Our Mission

Investing in our valued resources, our mission is to provide consultation and support to all custodians of consumer health and the environment in their delivery of safe water; without the use of chemicals or production of harmful by-products.

Daro UV, Our Strategy

By integrating our combined skill, expertise and resources, increasing numbers of water providers will benefit from our resilient and intelligent solutions, alongside the dedication of an agile team that understands their testing and legislative environment.

Daro Our Values

Our core value is simple.  Our thinking and decisions are guided by the philosophy of you win, we win.

Meet The Team

Mervyn Douglas - Daro UV Systems

Mervyn Douglas

Managing Director

Mervyn joined Daro in 2016 bringing 20 years’ experience in business and finance. His role is to lead the strategic direction of Daro, managing continuous investment in resources to enable people, businesses and the group to achieve their long-term objectives.

Jon Leech - Daro UV Systems

Jon Leech

Head of Alliance

Jon has been operating in the UV water treatment arena for over 25 years. He brings with him an unprecedented wealth of experience and expertise from the industrial and municipal sectors. As head of the Daro Aquafides alliance partnership Jon’s role is to provide market guidance and deliver consultation & support to custodians of consumer health in their delivery of safe water. He has the responsibility of the development of the Daro Aquafides’ brand to be recognised as the most trusted, agile and responsive partner delivering UV water treatment solutions.

Julian Cant - Daro UV Systems

Julian Cant

Business Leader

Julian joined Daro in 2006 and brought with him a wealth of experience and knowledge of UV treatment sector and general industry. Julian pioneered Daro UV systems and in his role as business leader he has developed the business from inception to the well-established, thriving and respected business that it is today.

Supported By

Sarah Pennock - Daro UV Systems

Sarah Pennock

Group Finance and Human Resources
Karen Winter - Daro UV Systems

Karen Winter

Head of Marketing
Daro UV Systems

Dave Cheale

Head of Compliance and Quality Assurance
Lee Mccarthy - Daro UV Systems

Lee McCarthy

Continuous improvement
Carl Bennett - Daro UV Systems

Carl Bennett

Head of Group Technologies
Paul Symonds - Daro UV Systems

Paul Symonds

Technical Lead and Key Accounts
Jason Fairless - Daro UV Systems

Jason Fairless

Head of Compliance and Quality Assurance
Daro UV Systems

Oliver Hearn

Design Engineer

And supported by Aquafides

Wolfgang Ecker


Wolfgang has been a supportive and integral part of the domestic and international growth of Aquafides UV. Over the years he has provided valued guidance in the success and the development of the UV Disinfection markets both on the home front and to the global arena.

Jürgen Zechner

Business Development Manager

A renowned and respected international UV validation expert and inspectorate. For over a decade Jurgen was the lead inspector at the accredited and internationally recognised OFI testing facilities in Austria. This offers the perfect platform for Jurgen to provide validated disinfection solutions for the most intricate design parameters and concepts.

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