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Industrial and Commercial

Industrial and Commercial

Bespoke, Chemical-Free, Environmentally Friendly Water Disinfection Services by a Leading UK Manufacturer


Our UV technology effectively inactivates waterborne bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, ensuring safe water. For over 40 years, Daro UV has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering high-quality UV disinfection systems in the UK. We take pride in sourcing as many materials and components domestically, ensuring a reliable and agile service.

Discover the benefits of our bespoke services, crafted with precision and expertise right here in the UK.

Industrial and Commercial UV Water Treatment Systems

Clear Filters
4, 5 & 6 Series
AS & AL Series
Vioflow Monoray UV Water Treatment System
Vioflow Medium-Pressure UV System
Aquafides Compact

Our experts have extensive knowledge and expertise in providing cost-effective, reliable, fast, chemical-free UV water treatments and UV disinfection solutions within the industrial and commercial sectors, find out more about UV water treatment here.

We’re true to our key value that guides our everyday thinking and decision making of ‘you win; we win.’


The key advantages of UV water disinfection are:

• Eliminates the need to buy, handle and store toxic chemicals
• No risk of ‘overdose’ with UV disinfection as is possible with chemical disinfection
• No risk of residual by-products in your water
• Easy to install into a current water supply
• Inexpensive to purchase and cost effective to run; a UV water disinfection system uses less power than a regular light bulb
• No alteration of taste, odour or clarity of the water


Ultraviolet disinfection has many applications in the industrial/commercial sectors.

Bottled Water

Even boreholes that are used for the best bottled drinking water can contain containments. Utilising Daro UV disinfection solutions will disinfect this water, but will not alter the taste, minerals, or the chemistry of the water.

Brewing Industry

UV disinfection has been used for many years within the brewing industry. The water for the brewing industry is put through the UV system to disinfect the water that is used in making the product without altering the taste, minerals, or the chemistry of the water. Daro UV Systems is also used in many clean in place (CIP) systems.

Makeup Water

Daro UV solutions are used for point of use makeup water for many different applications and products. Daro UV Systems’ equipment can be used in recirculation loops or as single pass systems. The integrated telemetry can be fully automated, which can be a big advantage when water is required; either in batches or intermittently.

Storage Tanks

Stored water is also a common problem. Daro UV Systems’ disinfection solutions can be utilised to disinfect water on the inlet or outlet of the tanks, as a recirculation system or even to treat the air in the head space the water storage tanks.

Air Conditioning

Bacteriological problems are common in air conditioning systems. UV light systems can be utilised to treat the water condensate that is used in air conditioning systems.

Cooling and Heating

Legionella is one of the major risks in heating and cooling systems. Evaporated spray water presents a significant risk to public health as has been highlighted by incidents that have been widely reported. UV is a recognised chemical-free, environmentally friendly solution to this problem.

General Washing/Cleaning

Whether water is used for cleaning and washing down any equipment, or washing product, disinfection via ultraviolet light gives you peace of mind that your water supply is free from biological contamination. UV is a recognised chemical-free disinfection solution.

Industrial Effluent

Industrial effluent can come in many different forms from wash water to used water. UV disinfection can be used to recycle water for a number of different uses or to ensure that the effluent is treated to the standard required before it is discharged into effluent to drains, streams or offshore.

General Process Water

In addition to the applications above, general industrial process concerns utilise UV disinfection solutions for the safe use of dehumidifiers, heat exchangers and product rinse water.

To find out more about Daro UV solutions please get in touch. Our experts would be delighted to advise you which solution would be best suited to your needs, please call 01787 370187