Hand Inspection Cabinet

Daro UV Systems Hand Inspection Cabinet

Experts in ultraviolet light (UV), Daro UV Systems has developed a hand inspection cabinet using UVA, long wave UV light. This product enables infection control officers and trainers to demonstrate best practice handwashing techniques. It instantly highlights where improved techniques will help to control the spread of infections such as coronavirus COVID-19 and other unwanted infections. The cabinet visually shows the importance of hands being washed often and well, requiring the right technique and friction.

A special lotion, Glitter Bug, or alternatively powder is applied to the hands and then washed off. When the hands are placed in the cabinet any remaining lotion will fluoresce under the ultraviolet lamp demonstrating the flaws in the hand washing technique. A practical carrying case for the unit is also available from DaRo UV Systems plc.

Daro UV Systems Hand Inspection cabinet has been featured on national television and in the national press helping in the battle against the rise of bugs and infections in hospitals by promoting hand washing.