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Vioflow Medium-Pressure UV System

Vioflow Medium-Pressure UV System

Utilising the latest Medium-Pressure High Intensity (MPHI) lamp technology, the Vioflow Medium-Pressure System is designed and optimised for delivering high flow rates in a compact area, yielding high power density in a relatively small system. The ULTRATHERM™ Medium Pressure High Intensity (MPHI) lamps deliver cutting-edge efficiency in the output of UV-C density, with 9,000 hours of guaranteed lamp lifetime. The lamps are also stabilised within their housing to help protect against vibrations and shocks.

The Vioflow Medium-Pressure System is easily integrated as it can be mounted horizontally or vertically, with flanged connections making it largely universal for retrofitting into an existing application, or a versatile option for a new installation. Lamp arrangement has been CFD optimised for maximum hydraulic efficiency, with minimum head loss across the whole UVT range.

Electropolished stainless steel AISI 316L internal chamber walls enable up to 30% additional energy savings at higher UVT due to their reflective properties.­­

Product Features

  • Highest flow rate in minimal dimensions
  • CFD optimised with maximum hydraulic efficiency and minimum head loss
  • Two individual temperature probes offer overheating protection
  • Wiper system to maintain consistent treatment levels
  • High-grade electropolished stainless steel AISI 316L chamber internal walls for increased efficiency (up to 30% energy saving)
  • 9,000-hour lamp lifetime
  • Tool-free lamp and quartz sleeve changing
  • Control panel available in a range of materials depending on application

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