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Water Treatment Specialists

Safe, Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a natural process and does not produce harmful chemicals in water disinfection. It’s a safe, effective and environmentally friendly disinfection method that inactivates waterborne bacteria, viruses and protozoa to make water safe.

UV has been internationally recognised for over 100 years and is used for municipal and water companies, industrial, commercial and residential applications globally.

As an applied disinfection technology, UV disinfects water to make it safe to drink or as a process medium, may eliminate odours and does not impact on colour or pH of water treated. As a natural light process, it eliminates the need to store, handle and transport corrosive and toxic chemicals.

Domestic Water Supply

For most households by the time the water we use reaches our homes it has been suitably treated for our safe consumption. Failing to remove or inactivate microorganisms from drinking water may cause people to fall ill.

There are a number of ways to disinfect water. UV treatment does not use chemicals, and is a safe, effective and environmentally friendly disinfection method, that inactivates waterborne bacteria, viruses and protozoa, often found in water and UV is commonly used for domestic and industrial applications world-wide.

The ultraviolet light that is used in our water treatment systems is a natural component of sunlight that falls just below the visible light region in light spectrum. For monochromatic UV lamps, the wavelength utilised for the use of water disinfection is 253.7nM. This is very close to the optimum wavelength, approaching 265 nM for cell inactivation.

See our product range for domestic systems.

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Industrial & Commercial

Our experts have extensive knowledge and expertise in providing cost-effective, reliable, fast, chemical-free UV water treatments and UV disinfection solutions within the industrial and commercial sectors.

We design and manufacture in the UK and source as many of the materials and components from the UK as possible; this keeps our supply chain short and as manageable as possible; to provide you with a reliable service.

UV for Municipal and UK Water Companies

Ensuring a safe & clean water supply and protecting our waterways from the wastewater we generate, is all part of the essential everyday work undertaken by our UK water companies.

Daro UV and our international partners see it as our responsibility to work with you to deliver a system of water supply that is reliable, resilient, sustainable and affordable.

Our certified and validated range of UV Reactors are designed for maximum performance and operational resilience.

UV is effective in inactivating a wide range of microorganisms such as
  • Algae
  • Bacteria
  • Microorganisms
  • Mould spores
  • Protozoa
  • Viruses
  • Yeast

including chlorine resistant pathogens. For information regarding doses please click here.

Doses Required

The resistance to different micro-organisms to ultraviolet radiation varies.  The approximate doses of energy required to inactivate a range of microorganisims is shown in the table below.

Doses of UV -254nm in m/Wsec/cm2 (mJ/cm2) is required for the inactivation of 90% of pathogens.

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