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Swimming Pool and Display Water

Swimming Pool and Display Water

Looking to cut costs and enhance your customers’ swimming and bathing experience?

Our UV technology offers a simple, bespoke, cost-effective, safe, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-maintain alternative to chemical disinfection. Daro UV Systems, with over 40 years of expertise, specialises in chemical-free, eco-friendly water disinfection solutions.


UV technology inactivates water contaminants, ensuring safe water for your needs. By opting for UV treatment, you can:

  • Vastly improve water quality
  • Enhance atmospheric conditions and remove ‘swimming pool’ smell
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Increase pool attendance and revenue

Without proper treatment, swimming pools are an effective breeding ground for bacteria like salmonella, E. coli and other bacteria that cause viruses and sickness such as diarrhoea and swimmer’s ear.

Many of us have come to expect a ‘swimming pool’ smell, irritation to eyes, skin, hair and the breakdown of fibres in swimming suits as all part of the downside of swimming in a chlorine-treated swimming pool. The ‘swimming pool’ smell is not due to the chlorine itself, but to chloramines which are chemical compounds that build up in pool water. Chloramines result from the combination of chlorine disinfectants, perspiration, oil and bodily fluids that enter the pool on the bodies of swimmers.

Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise in providing cost-effective, reliable, fast, chemical-free UV water disinfection solutions for swimming pool and display water.

Keeping your pool/s in a condition that protects your swimmers with a significantly reduced chemical odour can be easily and quickly achieved by installing a certified and compact UV disinfection system.

The key advantages of UV water disinfection include:

  • No risk of ‘overdose’ with UV disinfection
  • Eliminate residual by-products in your water
  • Compact and easy to install into your filtration system
  • Inexpensive to purchase and cost effective to run
  • No alteration to the odour or clarity of the source water
  • Makes a far more pleasant and safe swimming environment for swimmers

At Daro UV we’re true to our key value that guides our everyday thinking and decision making of ‘you win; we win’. To discuss UV disinfection for your swimming pool(s) please call 01787 370187 or email

UV Water Treatment for Public and Private Swimming Pools and Spas

Ultraviolet (UV) water treatment technology is a popular and growing method of swimming pool water treatment. Daro UV’s British designed and manufactured UV solutions are available in easy to operate systems for all owners of swimming pools. This includes Olympic standard training centres, municipal/local authority pools, recreational pools in gyms & spas and smaller private pools, that are indoor or outdoor.

Growth in popularity of UV water disinfection treatment of pools has been due to its reliability and ease of use. Another major factor is the reduction of reliance and cost associated with traditional chemical treatments; particularly chlorine.

Ultraviolet water treatment photo-oxidizes and destroys combined chlorine and other pollutants, providing a more enjoyable pool environment and water quality, with significantly lower levels of chlorine.

The UV light also provides non-chemical disinfection, giving highly effective primary control over waterborne bacteria, benefitting public and private pools.

Chlorine, bromine, salt electrolysis and ozone systems are considered by many to be harmful cleansing applications which may produce toxic by-products. Water disinfection by exposure to UV is a healthy, green solution which provides clean water. In small pools it is possible to eliminate the need for any toxic chemicals.

The systems that Daro UV Systems provide for private pools are particularly suitable for users who are sensitive to usual swimming pool disinfectants, heavy metals from ionic purifiers or are allergic to chlorine.

Spas and Hot Tubs

Spas may present difficult disinfection problems due to the higher number of swimmers and higher temperatures. Daro UV Systems has designed, manufactured and installed compact UV units designed specifically for standard sized spas and hot tubs to bespoke large units for football clubs; with a dramatic improvement in water quality.

UV is effective against virtually all known microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, moulds and their spores. Until quite recently, public pool operators had little choice other than to use chlorine disinfection systems, sometimes together with an ozone oxidation process. The greatest benefit of UV water treatment is that short-wave ultraviolet light has a photo-oxidation effect that destroys chloramines and other toxic by-products of chlorine.

The primary UV disinfection process destroys all bacteria passing through the chamber in your treatment plant. In particular, and unlike ozone systems, this protects bathers from bacteria in the filter media re-entering the pool.

Additionally, the combination of chlorine, chloramines and ozone in the atmosphere can be corrosive to equipment and buildings. However, UV water treatment replaces ozone and controls chloramine levels, therefore, building maintenance costs are reduced.

With these obvious advantages there are no longer any reasons why swimmers and staff should endure an unpleasant pool environment. Reduction rates of up to 90% of combined chlorine can be achieved and, at the same time, controlling free chlorine levels to less than 1.0ppm is attainable.

The outcome is that water quality and atmospheric conditions are considerably improved, operating costs are reduced, and pool attendance and revenues are increased.

Additional advantages of UV water treatments for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs:

  • More enjoyable experience in a low chemical environment
  • Dramatically reduce chemical dosing (50% or more) associated costs to purchase, store, handle and manage for large pools
  • Can achieve zero-chlorine bathing, using peroxide disinfectants
  • Unrivalled protection against contamination in filter media
  • Safety-net protection against loss of chemical dosing
  • Instantaneous disinfection at every pass
  • Low power consumption and running costs
  • All stainless-steel construction
  • Economical to purchase and maintain
  • Compact and easy to install

To discuss UV disinfection for your swimming pool(s) please call 01787 370187 or email

UV Water Treatment for Display Fountains, Ponds and Water Features

We understand how preferable it is to have a pond that is clear and free from floating algae and how important it is for water features to be free from harmful chloramines and bromamines.

Daro UV Systems designs and manufactures water treatment solutions designed specifically for these applications.

If you have a project or questions, please call 01787 370187 or email

Display Fountains

Display Fountains can be ideal spreaders of microorganisms such as bacteria or in the worst case, Legionella.

Fountains and water display features often feature water jets and sprays. They are often installed in public places with some designed as an attraction for children to play and paddle in. They become ideal environments for cryptosporidium outbreaks and faecal incidents as the sprays and water mists increase the likelihood of water ingestion. This risk of infection and illness is further increased when the water is re-circulated.

Fountains often rely on a water source held in shallow tubs or from ponds. During use the the water is quickly heated to temperatures that encourage algae growth and biofilm layers which are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria can be found in the fine spray that fountains produce.

UV treatment is effective against virtually all known microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, moulds and their spores.

The advantages of environmentally friendly UV solutions:

  • Inexpensive to purchase and cost effective to run
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Removes residual by-products in your water
  • Remove risk of chemical ‘overdose’
  • Kinder to the environment
  • Provides an improved human experience of the water feature
  • Provides peace of mind

UV water treatment systems can be used in water purification systems for tropical freshwater, marine, cool water and pond systems and UV sterilisation can be very effective in reducing free-floating algae, bacteria and other microscopic organisms.

Talk to us about your needs, we’d love to help. Please call 01787 370187 or email: