UV-C LED Systems

Targeted chemical free ultraviolet disinfection of water and ice on the move.

At Daro UV Systems, we have been manufacturing and supplying chemical free UV disinfection systems for over 40 years. We sell products that are fitted permanently to a variety of applications where the water source is not guaranteed to be free from bacteria i.e. supplied from a bore hole, well or spring.

Now we are very excited to be launching UV-C LED technology to our range of chemical free water disinfection products. Similar to other industries like lighting and display LED offers a range of benefits which will open up new uses.

One of the benefits compared to our standard units is size, we can now offer products that can be placed at point of entry (small dwelling) or point of use (under a caravan sink).

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£1,995.00 excl. VAT
£795.00 excl. VAT
UV-C LED Micro A1
£275.00 excl. VAT
UV-C LED Micro A2
£295.00 excl. VAT
UV-C LED Micro A3
£375.00 excl. VAT
UV-C LED Micro A4
£395.00 excl. VAT
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