NHS Approved Ultraviolet (UV) Solutions for:

NHS Hospitals – GP Surgeries – Dentists – Care Homes – Veterinary Surgeries


“Infection control regimes have come under greater scrutiny as a result of the 2019 pandemic”

For many years Daro UV has been working with the NHS and private healthcare practitioners. Our experience gives us a deep understanding that patient safety is at the forefront of anyone practicing in the healthcare sector and that infection prevention and control (IPC) protocols are key to risk assessment and decision making.

According to Infection Control Today, infection control risks can lead to significant patient and staff harm. Examples of risks include:

As viruses are known to build up resistance to antibiotics and chemical disinfectants infection control procedures need to be robust. When ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection is an integral part of the cleaning protocol greater defence against healthcare associated infections (HCAI’s) and infection control can be achieved.

Exposure to UV photons prevents microorganism cell replication. Bacteria and viruses have known, but, limited repair mechanisms that are easily overwhelmed. Unlike antibiotics and chemical disinfectants, bacteria and viruses, crucially, have not been shown to systematically develop further resistance to UV.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is capable of disinfecting surfaces, water and air. Effective disinfection of environmental surfaces is a key step in the prevention of spread of infectious agents. The traditional manual cleaning is essential in assuring adequate elimination of contamination. However, due to available time and non-standardised protocols terminal cleaning is frequently suboptimal or unpredictable in many circumstances. UV radiation is an adjunctive disinfectant proven technology that disarms a wide array of microorganisms including both vegetative and spore forming pathogens.

The advantages of UV solutions are:

  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
  • Saves time – faster-acting than alternatives that can take hours
  • Chemical-free and chemical residual-free – no time to wait after a UV cycle
  • Disables vegetative and spore forming pathogens

NHS approved Daro UV Systems has been a trusted partner designing, manufacturing and successfully delivering UV disinfection solutions for over 40 years.

We source as many of the materials and components from the UK as possible; this keeps our supply chain short and manageable; to provide you with a reliable service.

Our experts have extensive knowledge and expertise in providing cost-effective, reliable, fast, chemical-free UV disinfection solutions for the healthcare across the UK.


Hand Inspection Cabinet

Handy hygiene training aid “so visual it remains in trainees’ minds for a long time .. creates life-long habits.”

Hybrid light

Ceiling LED lighting by day and disinfection light by night, low cost to run

Disinfection unit

Disinfection unit for 360° disinfection for up to 3 metres. On wheels for easy mobility of unit


Over the door UV light to disinfect at night or when the room is unoccupied


A cabinet to quickly disinfect instruments, tools and personal items such as mobile phones

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