Daro Group and Aquafides Alliance

Daro Aquafides

Daro Group and Aquafides Alliance

East Anglian Daro Group and international Austrian based Aquafides today proudly announced a new strategic alliance to deliver certified ultraviolet disinfection solutions to the UK municipal & industrial water treatment markets.

The alliance’s mission is to provide collaborative consultation alongside certified UV solutions to support custodians of consumer health and the environment in their delivery of safe water; without the use of chemicals and production of harmful by-products.

Highly experienced head of the alliance, Jon Leech, comments “Bringing the most compact and validated UV disinfection range from Aquafides to Daro UV and integrating the long-standing skills and knowledge of both companies is a great initiative to be leading. I’m looking forward to working alongside Jürgen Zechner, business development manager at Aquafides and Daro UV’s general manager Julian Cant.”

Statement from Daro Group

“The alliance between our two companies reflects the dovetail fit of our strategies and focus on quality, sustainability and flexibility for our customers. Our vision for the alliance is to be recognised as the most trusted, agile and responsive partner delivering water treatment solutions. We’re very excited to facilitate access to these solutions to an increasing number of water providers who will benefit from resilient and intelligent solutions; working with experts that understand their testing and legislative environment.”

– Mervyn Douglas, Daro Group managing director

Statement from Aquafides

“We’ve been engaged with Daro Group and its specialist division Daro UV for some time. We’re delighted to be a part of delivering highly reliable, durable compact UV disinfection systems that are low energy and easily maintained to the UK market. Our certified and compact systems offer installation flexibility whilst ensuring safe water; even in the most challenging situations. The combination of decades of experience and UV knowledge brings new and unique options to a wider market.”

– Wolfgang Ecker, Aquafides commercial director